7 Oaks Bodywork and Massage
Whole body health

Descriptions of each option offered


​Enjoy a relaxing Swedish massage. Enjoy a therapeutic massage to address specific areas of muscle tension and tightness. Enjoy a massage that integrates Thai pressure points to stimulate your whole body for relaxation and wellness. Enjoy a chair massage to relax or experience pain relief. Enjoy a hot stone massage. The possibilities are endless! 

​Short on time? You can have any of these massage styles can be performed in shorter time sessions to work with your schedule needs.


This practice is performed with the client clothed.

Acupressure is usually performed with a client lying down, but can be modified for each person. You can lie on your back, your stomach or seated. 

Acupressure can address muscle or joint pains, stress, anxiety issues, insomnia, hot flashes, jet lag, headaches/ migraines..

Acupressure uses gentle pressure to stimulate different points throughout your body. These points each have specific, yet powerful, purposes to harmonize the function of the human body. Soul lightening acupressure techniques are a blend of physical and emotional stimulation. These stimulation processes work with your body's specific needs and nurture them to regain balance unique to each individual. There are great benefits with each session and they are more powerful as each additional level of nurturing protocols combine together and strengthen your body and spirit.

I have learned the 5 Element belief and integrate this for a more complete understanding and treatment session for each person. Please complete the 5 Element questionnaire if you are interested in learning more about this and how it can be helpful for you.

Myofascial Release

​Myofascial release includes a variety of release techniques specific for what your body needs. I also practice cranio-sacral release techniques for whole body wellness. Fascia is a broad band of connective tissue that encapsulates every muscle and organ. Injuries, surgeries, strains or stress all have the potential to provide restrictions within this fascial system. This is important in understanding the complex nature of pain and how to be more successful in treating pain and limitations.

Micro-current Point Stimulation 

​Micro-current point stimulation uses a direct current form of electric stimulation to treat a wide variety of pain dysfunctions. It also treats a wide variety of whole body dysfunctions. Some examples include: hot flashes, carpal tunnel, insomnia, snoring, arthritis, psoriasis, quit smoking and so much more.

​​Auricular​ (ear) Therapy 

The ear has a direct link to your nervous system. Micro-current is an effective tool to stimulate and treat pains or disorders. Ear seed application is another avenue to treat yourself. Treatment can be for current pain or can be used as great tool to manage more chronic symptoms. Ear seed protocols include: stress weight loss, and migraines. Ask for details for a protocol, that is right for you.


Cupping is the use of suction, rather than compression for bodywork. Cupping facilitates rigid soft tissue release, loosens & lifts connective tissue. breaks up and drains stagnation while increasing blood and lymph flow to skin and muscles in ways not possible using compression. The pulling action engages the parasympathetic nervous system, thus allowing a deep relaxation to move throughout the body.  Cupping can be used as an adjust or alternative to traditional massage for a truly unique and deeply relaxing choice. Cupping can also be used to treat specific pain and mobility restrictions.

Kinesio Taping 

​Kinesio tape is made of cotton and has elastic properties. There is no latex in this tape. It is this elasticity that allows the tape to work with the soft tissue of the body so effectively. The success of this tape is dependent on a proper evaluation of a client's condition and proper application technique. Kinesio tape is designed to be worn for 2-4 days. The continuous stimulation provided through the skin receptors is part of what makes this such a successful modality. The benefits of the tape work when you are awake, asleep, moving or sedentary. The benefits last one the tape is removed and you feel amazing! 

Exercise Instruction

Learn what exercises will help you move and feel better. We will discuss your goals and assess your mobility strengths and weaknesses to determine exactly what you need to restore balance in your body. Exercises will be practiced and performed during your session to ensure that you are comfortable with what you need to do. Written exercises will be provided to you.
Sessions to help quit smoking, lose weight, improve sleep, stop snoring etc.
These issues are designed to be more of a series to help balance the energies in your body through acupressure, auricular treatments, use of micro-current, cupping and massage. Life changing issues are usually more complex and have a deeper impact on how the body is able to function. We will work together to create a plan specific for you to help you meet your goals.
Sinus or headache relief
Cranial sacral release helps to free mobility and restore function in your head and spine. Balancing cranial function reduces extra stress to surrounding sinus cavities and muscles in your head area. Use of cupping to open the sinuses locally, facial massage, acupressure points and use of essential oils will help reduce sinus pain and pressure. Acupressure, massage, and cranial sacral treatments help restore balance in how your body's deeper and more superficial energies flow and reduce headaches.