7 Oaks Bodywork and Massage
Whole body health


Welcome to 7 Oaks Bodywork and Massage. My name is Michelle and I would like to share my background and visions with you.

I am a licensed massage therapist, certified cupping therapist, certified personal trainer and certified acupressure practioner. I also am a licensed physical therapist assistant with over 20 years of experience. I have spent my physical therapy career learning various  manual skills that have blended with massage therapy services for a truly unique experience. The blended background has allowed me to understand the human body at a deeper level and adjust each session at a deeper, and more personal level.  


7 Oaks Bodywork and Massage is where you can come to for a peaceful and relaxing massage. It is also a place where you can come to if you are having pains or dysfunctions. I integrate eastern and western approaches into my practice to better understand and treat the human body.  My focus of care is to look at you as a whole and strive towards restoring balance and good heath. 


I can work with you to help improve sleep, decrease menopause symptoms, decrease headaches, reduce back pain and individualize a program for a wide variety of issues.


I believe everyone deserves to wake up each day and look forward to what the day has to offer, with as little pain or discomfort as possible. It is important to restore health within the whole body to live to your fullest potential.  Let us work together to create the best session for you!