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About The Practitioner

Michelle Odegard, PTA, LMT, CPT, CCT

I earned my associates degree in science in 1996 and became a licensed physical therapist assistant at that time. I have studied a wide variety of continued courses with focus on manual techniques focusing to decrease pain and normalize the body's ability to function well. I have also studied acupressure and became foundation certified through Soul Lightening Foundation. In 2017, I completed my training to become a massage therapist and became licensed at that time. I have also added a certified personal trainer and certified cupping therapist to my skill base.

I believe the focus on every treatment should be individualized for each person. Everyone deserves to enjoy the benefits of massage to achieve relaxation and de-stress. I can also help reduce headaches, improve quality of sleep, ease muscle aches and pains or help establish an appropriate exercise program for lasting results to maximize your health.